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Pakistan Halal Authority (PHA) is established under Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) through an Act of the Parliament No. VIII of 2016 of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the mandate to promote trade and commerce in Halal articles and processes. PHA is responsible for ascertaining the Halal Status of the products, process and services maintained and monitored at all time in local market as well as products being imported/ exported.

Globally trade trends are evolving and new patterns of trade and production are being observed and Halal Market is considered as new commercial paradigm. Globally Halal market based on needs and preferences of estimated 1.6 Billion Muslims worldwide has emerged as powerful commercial arena. PHA assures Compliance to International, Regional, National Standards, Laws, Rules and Policies on Halal Products, Processes and Services.


Gate way to Halal Assurance


To make Pakistan trend setter in Global Halal Industry through Continuous Improvement and innovations by assuring Global Community trust and confidence in Halal Products and Services

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